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Is this service really free for Recruiters?
Yes. The Recruiter is free to search our resume database and to receive targeted resumes via email once they are verified as legitimate Recruiters. Please make sure that you enter a working web site address in your profile. Invalid web site addresses will cause immediate termination.

How does the targeting work?
TheRecruiterNetwork has developed an extensive list of industry and job functions. The Recruiter selects the functions required to fill the open position. We match your requirements with pre-qualified Job Seekers and Email you their resume. You should receive only those resumes that meet your pre-selected qualification needs. You may change your filter selections as your open positions change.

How will the resumes be delivered to me?
Each resume that contains the qualifications specified by you will be forwarded to you via an Email message. The Email will contain the Job Seeker's contact information, work information, cover letter and resume. If the Job Seeker wishes to remain confidential, we will limit the contact information to a single email address.

How does your Affiliate program work?
The basic premise is this: You send us candidates and if they use our service we pay you a percentage of the services they purchase. We assign each Recruiter a referral number that is embedded in a hyperlink to our site. Anyone who clicks on your hyperlink will be logged as coming from you. You have the ability to check the status of your account. At the end of each quarter, we tally up all referrals by participating Recruiters and send checks out.

Why should I use TheRecruiterNetwork.com?
Save time and money. The Recruiter will no longer have to search through large databases to find candidates qualified for their job openings. No more expensive ads to run.

How is your site different from the other employment sites?
Our service delivers fresh resumes from pre-qualified candidates to your Email address every day. You won't have to go through the thousands of resumes at the various resume data base sites looking for a specific person in a specific industry with specific qualifications, we'll do it for you.

Does this service cost me anything?
No, it's absolutely free.

Does the Recruiter contact candidates directly?
Yes, the Job Seekers will provide you with their contact information on their resume and profile.

Can the Recruiter contact Job Seekers regarding other products and services?
NO. The Terms of Use Agreement prohibits advertising of any kind to Job Seekers with the exception of asking them to visit your corporate web site. We regularly send out "test" resumes and litigate violators. Any violation of our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy will result in your immediate removal from the system and possible litigation. If you have a product that you'd like to advertise to our Job Seekers, please contact us for advertising information.