How It Works

We help Job Seekers make the right connections by offering FREE resume posting at our site. Unlike other resume sites, we attract more Recruiters because we give them FREE access to our resume database once they are verified.

Job Seekers can register and post their resumes for free in our resume database. Job Seekers enter their own contact information, work information, and select their filters so that we can properly match them with our Recruiters. No purchase is necessary by Job Seekers to have their resume profiles added to our database. Job Seekers can opt to upgrade to one of our Premium Services and have their resumes sent directly to Recruiters specifically looking for candidates with their qualifications. Premium Services include resume profiles priority listed or having profiles sent directly to matching Recruiters.

Our Recruiters register for free and after we validate them as legitimate recruiters, they can search our resume database whenever they log on to our site. Recruiters also use our filters to select characteristics they are searching for in job candidates in order to fill open positions. In addition, they can opt to receive resumes from Job Seekers matching their criteria. There is no fee and Recruiters can update filters as often as necessary.