TheRecruiterNetwork does not provide volumes of resumes, it provides only well targeted, geographically specific resumes, from pre-qualified candidates. Our resumes are screened based on the filters (Industry, Job Function, Salary Range and Geographical preferences) of your choice. You may change your filters as your job positions change. We provide this service FREE; no strings attached. Just hit the “New Users Sign Up button, fill in your Profile, set your Filters and begin receiving only those resumes that match your current job openings.

How It Works

  • Create your Profile

  • Select your Filters

  • Receive pre-qualified Resumes or search our database

In addition, you get access to our Resume Database. The database can be searched by keywords, Industry, Job Function, Salary Range or Geographical location.

TheRecruiterNetwork software sorts resumes in the database based on your pre-described filters; allowing us to significantly reduce the volume of resumes sent to you.

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